The question has been brought up — will Hip Hop’s “elder statesman” Bun B” run for Mayor of Houston in 2015? Many believe the already self-proclaimed Mayor would be a great fit.

Texas-based political blog, OTK, brought up the question “How does Mayor Bun B sound?,” while proclaiming Bun can become a legitimate mayoral candidate in the 2015 election.

After asking the question, OTK reached out to Bun, via email, who found the suggestion laughable, but that doesn’t mean he won’t run. Bun stated:

“Too many skeletons in the closet” and he added a “lol.”

Although Bun laughed off the proposal, others are willing to back the Port Arthur rapper up. Others such as Dr. Brandon Rottinghaus, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Houston says Bun can be very helpful to the race as he weighs Bun’s chances at superseding the current Mayor if he decides to run.

Dr. Rottinghaus states:

“I think one way for him to embrace the image is to use that as a way to create a real, visible narrative of what’s happening out there, and letting people know that these problems need to be addressed, and he is a good person to do it. A traditional politician may talk about those issues, but maybe hasn’t lived it, where in his case he has lived it and it gives him some credibility in a way doesn’t give credibility to a traditional politician.”

As Dr. Rottinghaus continued, he compared Bun’s possible mayoral campaign to former Minnesota Gov who happens to be former WWE wrestler Jesse “The Body” Ventura, who’s brash straight-shooting message connected with Minnesota voters giving him a seat in the states highest position for for four years.

“The campaign ads he ran were all about how he was gonna wrestle the opposition, and it was time for a change in Minnesota, and he had kids with little Jesse Ventura action figures who were pummeling the competition. So they made that image work for them.”

On top of Rottinghaus beliefs, Bun is also a trusted friend/adviser to Houston’s current mayor, Annise Parker, and the rapper recently had a seat on her task force to combat texting and driving. And as OTK states, “People have certainly run for mayor with fewer credentials than that.”

But the UGK rapper DOES have other credentials besides the above mentioned as he is a well-respected Professor at Rice University and also a Houston Symphony collaborator.

Bun B has until 2015 to officially decide whether or not he will run for Mayor of Houston.