Lil Wayne made a recent appearance on Jim Rome On Showtime to talk sports, but he did much more than that as the rapper took some time out to pay his respects to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy, and apologized for his gun charges, which caused him to serve time in prison.

During a recent interview with Jim Rome, just as his interview was coming to an end, Lil Wayne sent a message to the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting, and addressed his regret of prior his gun charge.

Lil Wayne said in a heartfelt message:

Before I leave, I want to say you mentioned that in 2010, I was locked up for a weapon. If there was anything I could do – in my life, that I could ever change, it’d be that. Sandy Hook Elementary, my heart goes out to you

Watch Lil Wayne’s interview with Jim Rome on Showtime, (head to the 3:50 mark to hear Wayne send a message to the Sandy Hook victims), below”