Ice Cube recently stopped by Grantland and chopped it up with Jalen Rose for a Q&A session.

Ice Cube and Jalen Rose sit down to reminisce about their long history as friends and Ice Cube’s career. Then they talk about the Richard Sherman media backlash and the upcoming N.W.A movie that is in production.

During the interview, Ice Cube spoke on the progression of his career, getting on from the west coast, Richard Sherman’s comments against Michael Crabtree, and him being labeled a “thug” for the comments, and how the “n-word” evolved.

Later in the interview Jalen Rose spoke on stealing Cube’s first solo album, and Ice Cube touched on his favorite movie roles, the NFL and being a ride or die Raiders fan, David Stern screwing over the Lakers, the upcoming N.W.A. movie, and more.

Watch Ice Cube’s interview with Jalen Rose below: