For all you DS soldiers that haven’t heard Mister Cee, real name Calvin Labrun, the Hot 97 DJ was arrested around 4 am Wednesday March 30 in the TriBeCa area of Manhattan for public lewdness. According to the police report, Labrun was found receiving oral sex from Lawrence Campbell, a 20 year old male prostitute, in his car at the intersection of Watts and West St. Officers claim the behavior was open to public view.

Mister Cee is best known for being the DJ of Big Daddy Kane in the 80’s and 90’s. He later was associate executive producer of The Notorious B.I.G.’s classic ”Ready to Die.” Cee has yet to comment on the incident but according to police he was arrested twice last year in October and November for loitering with the intent of prostitution. He plead guilty to disorderly conduct on the first incident and charges for the November incident appear to have been dropped.

Since the incident 50 Cent has come to the DJ’s defense stating that the fact that its a big deal shows just how important a figure Labrun is in Hip Hop. In an interview with miss info, a Hot 97 affiliate, Fif claimed to have brought every one of his albums to Cee for approval before releasing them. Hot 97 has announced it will not talk about the incident out of respect for their co-worker and it is assumed he will continue to work for the station as host of the ”Throwback at Noon.” Details about the trial have not yet been released.

You can view the police report below.