Hip-hop producer Hit-Boy recently told MTV that the never-before-released collaboration track between Nas and Frank Ocean, which was thought to have been missing, will in fact come out in the future.

Hit-Boy explained the story in a recent discussion with MTV. “[The hard drive] got mixed up with some drives that Kanye’s engineers had, and they finally they sent it back and I got the files now. Nas’ manager reached out, and he’s excited. I don’t know exactly what’s gonna happen with it yet, but that song is gonna be heard by the world one day.”

Hit-Boy continued, “Me and Frank went in the studio a while ago and he just wrote the hook, just blindly, we just wanted to create. He played it for Nas, and as soon as he played it he texted me and was like, ‘Yo, Nas went crazy’…it’s different from what you’re used to from me as for as far as the newer joints, as far as the energy joints. It’s like a real-life song.”

Check out the complete interview online at MTV.com.