As Def Sounds previously reported, Havoc finally admitted to airing out his long time partner in rhyme, Prodigy on Twitter. Now Havoc continues to speak on P, as he addresses gay jail letters between Prodigy and a man in prison. Havoc also speaks on Ferg Brim, who is his cousin that is claiming that he has the letters.

Havoc chops it up with AHH, and speaks on Prodigy’s gay jail letters, but will not confirm them, as he says:

“I’m just going to put it like this, I’m not going to confirm it or deny it.”

You can watch the video of Ferg Brim where he reveals that Havoc caught Prodigy writing love letters to men, and that he has the letters, below (head to the 1:10 point):

View Havoc’s interview with AHH to hear him speak on Ferg Brim and other topics, below:

After getting wind of Ferg Brim’s allegations, someone from Prodigy’s side aired Ferg and Havoc out in an anonymous letter via, which you can view [here].