As Def Sounds previously reported, legendary Queens duo Mobb Deep had beef amongst one another as Havoc took to Twitter and openly aired out Prodigy… but as the tweets came, Havoc denied that they were from him and said he left his phone at a gas station. Havoc claimed the person that got a hold of his phone hacked his Twitter account and blasted Prodigy.

At the time, Havoc tweeted:

@prodigymobbdeep we got a meeting, lets see if u built to show ur face. prodigy abitch and I’m gonna show it, follow!! ground breaking new. i got niggas in the jail system to to back up that prodigy was fucking homes in jail. prodigy prove me wrong! please. i have a big announcement…. and niggas that was locked wit him know the truth. now i will silence…. and let the jails take care of the rest. thats on everything, i had to smack P ask him. prodigy u pussy! u long island ass bitch. I’m about to expose u! i can’t wait till niggas in jail that was wit u back my shit up!! next time i see u , u getting layer out, on camera!! i can’t wait! how u say u live in jersey, but right there in queens??? I’m on top of u… pause… foot on thy neck!!! in a minute…. niggas that was in the jail wit him gonna blow him up first hand.!!!! prodigy a hider not a rider. nothing hacked P homo y’all. no hack this havoc. P IS HIDING!!! IM GONNA SHOW U P GETTING KNOCKED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH HE TRY TO DODGE ME!! THINK ABOUT IT… HOW COULD HE SAY,,, QB MURDERERS ??? LETS DO A ONE ON ONE!!!!! ME AND P!!! HE SO BUTTTT HE WILL AVOID!!!! OH, ONE MORE THING, HE THINK HIM AND RIHANNA GETTING MARRIED!!!! LMFAOOOOOOOO. THIS50…. HOLLA AT ME XXL HOLLA AT ME P A FAKE JAY Z HOLLA BACK!!!!!

Havoc and Prodigy did their best to play the beef off, going as far as linking up court-side at a Knicks game together, and downplaying the situation in multiple interviews.

Now, Havoc finally comes clean and admits that it was him that went in on his long time partner in rhyme.

Havoc recently chopped it up with AHH, and admitted the tweets at Prodigy came from him, as he says:

“The tweets is crazy. And I was speaking of a standpoint of being mad, but still being truthful of how I felt, but it was just the wrong thing to do at the time.”

As Hav continued, he adds that for the time being, Mobb Deep is broken up until they get things worked out:

“Right now Mobb Deep is on hiatus, until things get hashed out. Eventually, the real story will come out; there’s two sides to every story. Only one has been spoken for.”

Stay tuned for part 2 of the interview as Havoc addresses a diss track that he recorded aimed at Prodigy.

View Havoc’s interview with AHH, below: