As Def Sounds previously reported, despite video evidence, MMG rapper Gunplay’s case for armed robbery and assault, which he was facing life in prison for was dismissed due to the rapper’s accountant, who was the victim in the case, refusal to cooperate with authorities. Now, Gunplay addresses his acquittal.

During a recent interview with NBC 6 South Florida, Gunplay says he’s blessed for having all charges against him dropped, and apologizes to everyone involved.

The MMG rapper states:

I feel humbled. I feel blessed. I feel like I hit the lotto. I’m just happy to be back with my friends and family.

He apologizes to everyone involved:

I just wanted to publicly for the record – apologize to the two parties involved, my family, the victim’s family.

Gunplay says he’s ready to get back to work in the studio:

Shout out to the boss – you already know the Miami mayor, man, was behind me the whole time. And I ain’t going to blow it. I’m ready to work. I’m real focused.

Head over to NBC 6‘s website [here] to read the full article on Gunplay discussing his acquittal.