As Def Sounds previously reported, Gucci Mane was released from the Fulton County jail on bond in April after being indicted in connection to his aggravated assault case for striking a U.S. soldier in the head with a bottle.

Following up with his aggravated assault case, Gucci Mane appeared in court to face the charges, and his lawyer requested the rapper be given community service for the offense, but the judge denied the request, and Gucci will have to stand trial.

As reported by Fox News Atl, Gucci Mane appeared in a Fulton County courtroom yesterday to face charges of aggravated assault for striking a fan in the head with a bottle in a Georgia nightclub after asking for an autograph, and the rapper’s lawyer requested that Gucci be given community service, but the request was denied, and the rapper will have to go to trial.

As of press time, a date for Gucci Mane’s trial for his aggravated assault charges has not been set, but his lawyer believes that the rapper’s trial will take place in November or December.

Stay tuned to DS as we will keep you updated when Gucci Mane goes to trial in connection to an aggravated assault case, which stemmed from striking a U.S. soldier in the head with a champagne bottle.