Rapper Ghostface Killah recently did an interview with The Come Up Show discussing his thoughts on music and why he feels it is so important.

“Music is life man, you know what I mean? It’s life. It’s love. It’s the light. It’s everything,” said Ghostface. “Music is really everything because it takes you through different emotions. It depends on how you feeling that day when a certain song come on. And it’s like resting with no music on you hearing the birds chirp at four, five in the morning that’s music too because it’s a sound. Raindrops is music. Snowflakes hitting the floor. Everything is music. Like I said music is the wind blowing. It’s just life. It’s sound…Music helps. It brings us together.”

He then continued to explain what he feels it takes to put on a successful live show.

“I always try my best when I go out there. I always try to make sure my lineup is real good where I can always get them involved and play the right songs backing each other,” the rapper explained. “Each song gotta sound right coming in after each other. So as long as my lineup is good and stuff like that it always seems to work out. That’s very important. If you don’t know how to put your lineup together then your show’s gonna be every which way man. I mean you gotta do what you gotta do. This what the people paid for and just do your best. Go to sound check if you could. Nah, I like sound check. It’s very important so you don’t gotta tell the soundman to keep turning your mic up and all that other shit.”

Surprisingly enough he then concluded the interview with his thoughts on God and prayer.

“What I want to say right now is just stop fronting on God. Keep God in your life man cause God is real. You know what I mean? You go through a lot of stuff because we ignore his signs and stuff like that though,” Ghostface explained to Chedo of The Come Up Show. “And they expect him to answer they prayers or whatever immediately. But I wouldn’t even answer you after you been doing a lot of bullshit and you gonna call on me when you need me when you shot or something. So I’m just saying you gotta give daily prayers…And then you’ll probably have a closer relationship. Your relationship will probably be more closer to God and you’ll be more happy.”