As Def Sounds previously reported, Ghostface Killah confirmed that he has a joint project with MF Doom in the works, and he noted that the two are currently in the process of picking tracks for the album. It turns out that the Wu-Tang rapper has a lot more on his plate for 2013 than just the collaborative project with Doom as he now gives a run down of all the projects he has in store for this year.

During a recent interview with Montreality, Ghostface Killah confirmed that his long awaited album, Supreme Clientele 2: Blue & Cream for 2013, spoke on the status of a possible Wu-Tang reunion album, revealed the time-frame for the release of  his joint album with MF Doom, and also announced that his Twelve Reasons to Die album with RZA will drop in April.

The Wu rapper confirms Supreme Clientele 2: Blue & Cream for 2013:

Blue & Cream, hopefully this summer. Maybe like August or something like that. I’m going to try to look for August, September or maybe July, but I think August might sound more reasonable… if I can do it.

He adds:

I shouldn’t even of said that, because sometimes when I set a date, I don’t ever f*ck around and keep it [?]. But I gotta put it out, because I’ve been sitting in it going on like three years, something like that. A long time.

GFK quickly touched on the joint project with MF Doom, as he revealed the time-frame for the release:

I got the MF DOOM project coming. I think we’re going to probably drop that around Halloween

The rapper added in some details about his Twelve Reasons to Die project with RZA:

I got this sh*t I just did for RZA, Twelve Reasons to Die, that’s coming in April. It’s crazy;  it’s a whole f*cking movie, but it’s an album from beginning to end. It’s different, though. And were dropping a magazine  for the next 6 months after it drops. Every month there will be  a short magazine, a short comic book.

As the interview continued, Ghostface addressed the status of a Wu-Tang reunion album for the 20th anniversary of Enter The Wu (36 Chambers):

They’re talking about it, and I would love for it to happen. I talked to RZA, and RZA wants to do it and he said he was getting these other beats from real magicians, not nobody just making it in a beat machine. He wants to go a different route, because it’s the 20th anniversary. Like a real album, album, album, album, with real, real music. Not just samples and a bunch of shit, real magicians playing shit, and I understand where he’s coming from.

He adds:

You know, we’ve been having a lot of, not saying bad luck, but just a lot of disagreements. That’s why a lot of times, you don’t really hear too many Wu records, and this and that. Hopefully this shit, we can just get through that and just give it to the people and see what’s up. But it’s gotta be right, though. If it’s not right, I apologize. I don’t think trying to do an album in 30 days. I cant say it can not be done, but I gotta see it. Not saying that I’m the best of my crew, but I got a good ear and it has to be really quality music for the people, so they can enjoy it, if it’s going to be the last go round.

Watch Ghostface Killah’s complete interview with Montreality, below: