Ghostface Killah has confirmed that a joint project with MF Doom is in the works. The Wu-Tang Clan rapper revealed that the project with the rapper/producer Doom is coming soon and that the two are currently picking tracks for the album.

During a recent vlog, that was posted to Nature Sounds YouTube page, while in Amsterdam for the Cannabis Cup, Ghostface Killah spoke on his joint project with MF Doom:

Ghostface stated:

Me and MF Doom we got a project coming. I don’t know the name all the way yet, but you know it’s a Ghostface x Doom project, MF Doom, whatever the case may be.

He adds:

We’re out here right now trying to put together the songs, and the beats, to see which tracks we going to finish using. We already got a bunch of stuff anyway. We’re just testing out the tracks. We’ll listen to ‘em. We ain’t get to listen to them yet. He just flew in today.

GFK continued:

I know ya’ll been wanting that shit for the longest; since we did Fishscale. It’s right now. It’s been time, but everything happens in God’s time. So we’re gon’ rock this for ya’ll. We going to keep it moving. So ya’ll just stay tuned and prepare for it. Buckle your seat and let’s go, let’s get busy. MF Doom x Ghostface!

At the time the vlog was published, a title or release date for the Ghostface x Doom joint project has not been set.

Watch Ghostface Killah’s confirmation of his joint project with MF Doom, below: