During an interview with Forbez DVD to hype his upcoming documentary Breakup Of The Chain & Star, former Gang Gang Starr affiliate Gusmo makes some shocking allegations about what led to the falling out between DJ Premier and the Guru.

“[The DVD is] exposing how the whole shit went down and why Guru left. And the situation why he left, there was drugs involved and all of that. Preem, you know what I’m talking about,” Gusmo said. “Niggas was cracking that fucking nose candy. I ain’t saying everybody, but Preem know what I’m talking about. Niggas getting high, taking money, niggas robbing tour money… Guru just got tired of it and said fuck that, I’m out.”

The drugs and the shiesty behavior was a big part of the group’s demise, but at the end of the day, ego was also a big part of it.

“What really happened was ego. It was ego. Preem had the ego,” he said. “He wanted to be the nigga in charge and try to run shit and tell niggas what to do and who can go on tour and do this and do that. Guru was always fighting for niggas to go, but he didn’t want certain niggas to go on the road. So I guess Guru got tired and wanted to do his own thing and that’s what it was.”

The final straw came during the work on the Ownerz album back in 2003:

“I’d say it was around the Ownerz album,” he continued. “I think it was over the money and what Preem was doing was he was doing beats for porn. Guru was getting tight because he was like, ‘I don’t represent that.’ Guru got tight and was like, you know what? I’m out. He didn’t want to deal with the situation no more. Plus, it was over sample clearances, they were getting sued. Guru was like, I want to do my own thing and I’m going to just move forward and move on. And he left everybody, but he stayed in contact with me.”

Here’s the footage from Forbez: