While doing promo for Jesus Piece that hits stores today, Game stopped by DJ Skee’s show and addressed multiple topics.

During the interview with DJ Skee, Game spoke on 50 Cent’s “My Life” and helping to get it cleared.

Game talks getting dissed on 50’s “My Life”:

It sounds old, because the new 50 doesn’t even rap like that. He dissed me and Buck, I heard it and thought it was pretty funny. I’m so far removed from that beef that I had to pretty much laugh at it. I’m a big fan of Eminem so I like what he did, and Adam is my dude.

Game explains helping 50 get clearance on that record:

I helped clear that record for 50. Me and Adam got the same management, people had to come see me and play that record. So I heard me get dissed, before the people heard it.

Game speaks on issues with Shyne:

I was supporting Shyne early; his story was unfortunate that he had to do a whole 10 for shooting in the air. We was cool all the up until he talked sh*t about Kendrick. I felt if anyone should address it it’s me. It’s my coast.

Game goes back to impersonating Shyne once again (6:35 mark):

“He got a dick stuck in his throat.” *Shyne voice* You do 10 years in the joint, you become someone’s bitch, you be sucking so much dick forcefully that “your sh*t sounds like this when you come out” – *Shyne voice*

As the interview continues, Game discusses the recording process for Jesus Piece, why he has all the features and more.

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Watch Game’s interview with DJ Skee , below: