As Def Sounds previously reported, Game announced that he will release a new mixtape. To follow up the announcement of the tape, the Compton rapper has revealed the title of his next studio album as F.I.V.E.: Fear Is Victory’s Evolution.

Game recently chopped it up with XXL Magazine and spoke on the meaning behind the title his forthcoming LP, F.I.VE.:

“The meaning behind that is like—me as a rapper, you as a journalist, Kobe as a basketball player—you gotta be afraid to do something, or have those butterflies in your stomach.”

As Game continued, he adds:

“We all get that feeling. Before you did your first interview, you probably was like, ‘Damn, I don’t want to ask the wrong questions. I want to do this right.’ Me, before I wrote my first rap, or the first time I was in the booth. Fear. But then fear is victory’s evolution. After a while, you become a dope journalist, I become a dope rapper, Kobe is Kobe. You achieve and you pass over that fear. Now it ain’t fear; it’s just victory. It’s victory of all.”

Once again, Game also brought up the possibility of leaving Interscope after he drops this album:

“Jimmy Iovine is, shit, probably weeks out from opening the budget for my fifth album. And then once I do this F.I.V.E. album, it might be a wrap. We’ll see. I know somebody going to give me some millions before I do anything. I see myself getting a lot of money to carry out the remaining time in my career. It don’t really matter where it’s at—it’s just the imprint on the back of the album.”