50 Cent released his new single “My Life” featuring Eminem and Adam Levine earlier this week. On the first verse of the record, 50 rhymed “I tried to help them kids get on, they turned around and spit right in my face, so Game and Buck both can suck a dick.” Now, Game appeared on Big Boy’s neighborhood on Power 106 in LA, and responded to 50’s shot at him.

During the interview, Game addressed 50 Cent’s diss towards him on “My Life’s” first verse.

Game stated:

Maybe, he got something he wants to tell us, you know, about his secret life? You know what it is man, aint nobody worried about 50, lets just ask the people.

As he continued, Game spoke on if he will reply to 50:

That’s really the best he can do, Buck is in jail and you know his situation, and he cant defend himself from there. If he keeps it up, you know every now and then you get these zombie movies, no matter how many times you shoot em, [they just keep coming back]. I might have to get a different kind of scorpion gun, get a poison arrow with peanut butter or Skippy on it or something. I’m gonna kill him though.

He adds:

The last freestyle style I did that killed G-Unit, the whole staff, record label, clothes all that was 300 bars. I might just have to go and double that up and just say everything that I want to say. 

Watch Game’s interview on Big Boy’s Neighborhood and hear what else he has to say about 50 Cent, below: