As it was previously reported, Game and Stat Quo joined forces to form a new record label, Rolex Records. At the time of the announcement very few details were made available other than the name, and that they have been up and running for 30 days. Now, Game has released an official statement along with a video announcement in regards to his new imprint.

Read Game’s statement, and watch he and Stat Quo’s video announcement (via HHNM), below:

Me and Stat Quo, we both had to put in our dues to make it in this industry. We had to spend a substantial amount of money to get ourselves out there. We spent money on mix tapes, CDs, traveling around the country trying to get in front of the right people. Blazetrak is cutting out all of those steps and giving artists a way to skip straight to pitching their music to the right people. And for us, instead of having to sift through CDs from a bunch of people, we can simply go to their website, look at the submissions, and give feedback. We have the opportunity to tell people if we aren’t feeling their product, and tell them how to go back and make it better. It’s different than just listening to unsolicited links people might try to send you on Twitter or whatever. I like the fact that the artists submitting to us on Blazetrak are paying a fee–spending money the way we had to–because it shows that they’re investing in their careers. It shows that they believe in themselves and makes us want to believe in them. We might not like the 1st submission, or the 2nd or the 3rd, but the 4th one might blow us away. I think this is the future of artists being discovered by record labels.

View Game and Stat’s video announcement: