Last night, Game revealed that he got some new ink as made another visit to his favorite tattoo artists, Kat Von D and Peter Koskela.

While getting tatted, Game took to his Instagram page and posted a couple pictures of himself getting inked up.

The first tat he revealed was of the cover of Dr. Dre’s The Chronic album.

Game posted:

Gettin “THE CHRONIC” album tatted on the stomach… OUCH ! But when I think about what this album did for my city… The pain disappears. That’s Life. #Compton

As the night went on, Game posted to his IG page once again revealing that he is also getting his Documentary album cover tatted on him.

Game posted:

3rd tattoo of the day….. This one by the homie @petertattooist might be my favorite thus far….. #TheDocumentary album with my oldest son @harlemcarontaylor on the cover… #CLASSIC !!!!!!!

Game didn’t reveal what the third tat was, but you can check out photos of Game’s The Chronic and Documentary tats, below: