While fans wait and tracks leak, [twitter=TheGame] Game[/twitter] recently had a talk with Billboard about his long delayed R.E.D. Album.

The ‘R.E.D.’ album is going to remind everybody of what hip-hop is supposed to be in its prime,” explains Game. “The ‘R.E.D.’ album will be the best album this year hands down. There’s nobody putting out an album this year that will even be able to compete with the skill level– the bar is gonna be set after this album drops. I guarantee it now from start to finish.”

He also took time to discuss how he feels he might be one of the few rappers left who actually care about Hip Hop.

“I just think that every now and then in hip hop, there’s a dead space so we need some substance,” he continued. “I think that I just might be one of the last artists that really cares about hip hop and not rap, not the culture, not poppin’ bottles, not the cars, chains, broads, I just actually care about nurturing and giving back to this sort of foundation on which I grew up on, which is real hip-hop.”

Are you still anticipating R.E.D.?


Sidenote: Here’s 4 No DJ tracks, “Violin,” “3D,” “Love Birds,” and “Yung Stunna” from Game that recently hit the net, courtesy of SCB.

Download here.