On Thursday evening, Game got into a war of words with Fox News journalist and blogger Michelle Malkin after the rapper accused Fox LA and Malkin of being racist “against everything urban.”

Game’s accusation came after a Fox LA News report aired about Game’s new album Jesus Piece as Michelle Malkin bashed the rapper for exploiting Jesus with the cover art used for his album.

Malkin also called the artwork blasphemous on a link posted to her personal blog.

After Game got wind of the critical news report, and blog, he proceeded to head over to his Twitter page and called for a boycott of MyFoxLA using the hash-tag #BOYCOTTFOXNEWS11.

After Game’s initial tweet, the rapper and the journalist had a war of words over the social network.

View the Twitter exchange between Game and Michelle Malkin, below:

You can head over to Twitter to view mores tweets from Game @TheGame, and Michelle Malkin @MichelleMalkin.

You can also check out articles on  Twitchy.com and Michellefields.com , (via COB), as they posted multiple tweets from Game fans threatening to kill, rape, etc Michelle Malkin for criticism of the Jesus Piece album cover, and it really seems like they don’t have a clue why they are doing it other than Game is beefing with her.

Update: This morning, Game stopped by DJ Skee’s streetwear shop in Los Angeles, and chopped it up with Skee about the issues he has with Malkin.

And also another note, I don’t think there was ever a Fox News LA report about Game’s album cover, I searched, and it doesn’t seem to exist, it seems as if Game’s issues with Malkin stem from the blog post on her personal site, and somewhere down the line his fans got it twisted, and began bringing up a Fox News report.

Watch Game’s interview with DJ Skee, below: