Early this morning, Game and T.I. confronted the LAPD after a fight at an L.A. nightclub that left associates of the rappers’ beaten and bloodied up.

As reported by TMZ, Game and T.I. were involved an intense standoff with the LAPD after a huge brawl at a L.A. nightclub early Wednesday morning.

According to the report, “mutual acquaintances” of both Game and T.I. were denied entrance to L.A.’s Supperclub, which caused them to begin arguing with security that led into one of the men throwing a punch at a security guard causing all hell to break loose as security rushed Game and Tip’s associates and left them beaten up pretty bad.

When T.I. and Game heard what was going down, they ran out of the club and confronted the LAPD and got into a standoff with the officers until they found out it was security who roughed up their guys, and they took their attention to the club security, which you can see in the below footage.

TMZ reports that the two injured men were taken to LAPD’s Hollywood division, but no charges were filed.

View the footage of the nightclub fight followed by Tip, Game and crew confronting the LAPD and then nightclub security below:

The Fight:

The Confrontation: