Early Sunday morning, Game, his entourage and G-Unit affiliate fought in LA, and Game and crew got the best of Big Bad 40.

According to reports, the fight took place early yesterday morning after an LA mansion party where Game and his crew of allegedly 12 people jumped 40 Glocc, who was reported to be alone at the time of the altercation.

Both Game and 40 took to Twitter after the altercation to give their own perspective of the incident, you can view the tweets, below:

Allegedly, after the Game and his entourage jumped 40… Game pulled out his iPhone and filmed himself getting a few more licks in on 40.

Check out the footage of the fight, below:

Here’s a short unedited clip

And the full clip with edits:

Updated: 40 Glocc Explains Altercation With Game & Crew
s/o HH’s Caped Avenger for the link with 40’s explanation.