Game recently stopped by Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Power 106 in Cali and addressed his beef with Shyne.

As Game chops it up with Big Boy, he explains how the beef started.

Game states:

It started [because] he came at Kendrick Lamar, that’s my lil homie from Compton, like Top Dawg is the homie – plus the album was a good album and he said it was trash, so I had to jump out the window on him.

As the interview continues, Game explained why his love for Shyne changed to beef:

Doing 10 years in jail, dropping soap every day, being a low-key butt pirate for 10-years – It can change your life. Certain things going up in you for 10 years, you come out a different guy, feeling different, rapping different.

At this point in the interview 1:20 mark, Game proceeds to imitate Shyne’s voice. (Transcribing this part will do nothing for you, so tune into the 1:20 mark, and hear Game impersonate Shyne.)

Watch Game’s interview with Big Boy’s neighborhood, below: