Former Diddy protégé, G-Dep, had his day in the Manhattan Supreme Court, pleading not guilty to shooting and killing a man in 1993.

As previously reported, the 36-year-old rapper walked into a Harlem Precinct, confessing to a murder he committed when he was 18.

Anthony Ricco, the attorney representing Dep said that despite the not guilty plea, the former Bad Boy rapper upholds that he shot the victim on October 19th, 1993.

Ricco explained that the not guilty plea is routine in such cases, as it allows the defendant to reflect upon his confession, which Ricco believes Dep made under the influence of drugs.

Ricco clarified: We want to make sure what we’re dealing with the reality of what actually happened that night, referring to Dep’s confession made possibly under the influence of PCP, which the former rapper had been addicted to for years.

If convicted on a second-degree murder charge, G-Dep faces 25 to life. He was also indicted on a manslaughter charge, and criminal use of a firearm.