New York City rapper French Montana recently spoke out against 50 Cent, claiming his many rap beefs has been bad for business and how it has helped Rick Ross become the more successful rapper.

“I feel like beef hurt him. I feel like it helped Ross unite people,” Montana explained during an interview with “That’s why Maybach Music is one of the biggest labels. It just makes sense…Of course, Ross is on his fifth album. And like I said, he’s only getting bigger. This is going to be Ross’ first platinum album. He never went platinum. So when 50 came up, 50 sold 10 million. Then after his first album he just kept on going down. You think 50 could come out and sell 10 million now?”

French also spoke out about the recent beef between Pusha T and Lil Wayne. “For some people it’s competition for them. It’s good for hip-hop…Yeah. Pusha T and Lil Wayne’s [beef] ain’t nothing serious,” said the rapper. “If Wayne feels like [it’s real beef] then you know Baby would have got involved. Things like that, it’s good for hip-hop. If nobody got shot, it ain’t beef.”

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