Last night, following a show at Philadelphia’ s Theater of the Living Arts, French Montana was the target of a drive-by shooting that left one man dead.

As reported by Fox 29 Philadelphia, two men were shot overnight after a French Montana concert in Philadelphia. One of the men is dead, and police are looking for his killer.

Police state that a crowd of people followed French Montana’s tour bus back to the rapper’s hotel, Holiday Inn Express. As they pulled up to the hotel, the driver was getting off the bus to book rooms for everyone, and that is when a car drove by and just opened fire into the crowd.

A 26-year-old man was shot in the stomach and rushed Thomas Jefferson University Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Another victim was shot in the shoulder and is currently recovering and is in stable condition.

Chief Inspector Scott Smalls of the Philadelphia police department gave a statement, and noted that they have three people in custody:

We did find seven spent shell casings, which indicates that at least seven shots were fired from a semiautomatic handgun. Now, we don’t know if that’s from the shooter, who actually killed and injured those two people, or it was from – some information we’re getting, there was a possibility somebody from the bus or from the crowd returned fire. Like I said, we have three people in custody who all had weapons on them. So, it’s complicated at this point. Everything is very preliminary, and we’re questioning everybody. We’re holding the scene. So, we’re going to find out what occurred and get to the truth.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey also noted:

It’s just ignorant. You fire into a crowd and you’re gonna hit somebody. In this case, unfortunately, someone was killed. Don’t know if they had anything to do with anything, if they were a fan or what.


Meek Mill was on the bus with French Montana when the shooting occurred. After the incident, French tweeted a picture of himself and Meek with the caption, “Nobody has time for this —-.” View the photo, below.
View the news report via MyFoxPhilly, below: