As Def Sounds previously reported, 50 Cent blasted French Montana on Twitter after French made some not so flattering comments about 50′s recent record sales. Following that, an interview with DJ Drama surfaced with French Montana claiming that he is the most important person over in the Interscope building, while adding that “donkey” [50 Cent] isn’t doing too good. The comments from French set Fif off as he decided to go in on the rapper.

At the time when 50 went in on French, he stated that he would Ja-Rule him:

I’ll put him completely out of business; I’ll put him completely off the block, up the corner. He only had one song and you didn’t even care about it because it was him, it had 4 other people on it. 50 added: That’s your new Ja Rule right now. He’s gonna be the new Ja Rule.

Since 50’s latest comments about French, things have been quiet between the two. Now, during an interview, Montana is asked about his feud with 50, and the MMG/Bad Boy rapper said that he really doesn’t have any beef with 50, while asking Fif to let him eat.

During a recent interview with Hot 97, French Montana spoke on his beef with 50 Cent.

French stated:

Me and him don’t got no real problem. It’s just [that] I had said something in a interview he read. You know, he’s just probably  looking for anything. He read it, sent a tweet out and I sent a tweet back. But, ain’t no problem with him, 50 is 50.

French said that 50’s had his time, now it’s his time, and wants Fif to let him eat:

Ain’t no beef, man. I’ve been doing good. You know, I had a great year. I want to keep going. That man already did his thing. I feel like it’s my turn now. That’s all it is. I don’t want to go back and forth with him. He already did his thing. Now it’s my turn. Let me eat.

Watch French Montana’s interview with Hot 97, below (head to the 3:00 minute mark to hear French speak on the beef with 50):