As Freeway continues his promo run for his new album, Diamond In The Ruff that dropped earlier this week, he spoke on the new album, battling Cassidy, another project he has in the works, and more.

During a recent interview with XXL, Freeway spoke on how he came up with the Diamond In The Ruff album title.

Free explained:

My whole process behind Diamond in the Ruff is [defining] how my career is [similar] to a diamond. You know the process that the diamond has to go through. First you got to mine it and dig it out. Then you got to clean it off and polish it and shape it. And then finally you got a diamond that’s shining. I feel like that’s how my career has been. Not only my career, but my life. I’m from the streets. I come from not having nothing. I come from waiting for my dad to go to work and wearing his clothes to school and trying to get home back in time before he sees it. Taking care of my dad. Taking care of my mom. Buying my mom a house and trying to raise my kids and having my own. I feel as though Diamond in the Ruff is [the] perfect title in what I am going through in my life and in my career with the music.

As the interview continued, Freeway spoke on recording a full album with Just Blaze:

We talked about it a couple of times, so hopefully we can get down to it and make it happen. Definitely something that I think will be great. We both said we should do it. It’s just going to take us to get together and make it happen. You know Just is busy, he’s doing a lot of stuff. I am busy too. I’m sure if I reach out to him, “Yo, send me a couple of records. I want to start getting started.” He’ll be like, “Alright, cool.” It [is] just hard for us to find the time to make it happen. We haven’t been in the studio. Even “Early,” he sent me the record. We cut a couple other records for the album that are crazy. This one joint that didn’t make it is fucking amazing. I’ll give you a little sneak peek. [Plays song from his phone] See? It’s going down.

When Freeway is asked if he would battle Cassidy, he replied:

I don’t think so. That shit is risky. People still be talking about that shit ’till this day. I don’t really have nothing to gain from it. My passion is making good music and feeding the people my story. I got so much more to tell and so much more to say so that’s what I concentrate on. But I fuck with the battle circuit. I be going to the battles and everything. As far as me getting in there, I don’t think so. But that’s how I got on. When I said Roc-A-Fella pitbull, [that] was really me. Niggas come to the label trying to get signed and we would be in a room like this and niggas be rapping their heart out. And I be in there and Jay would be like giving me the head nod. I know plenty of people that wanted to murder me because I be killing they dreams. I was the guard dog at the joint. I really had to have my bars on deck because at any given time, a nigga could come to the office and get signed. And if they couldn’t get through me, then there’s no hope.

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