It has been an ongoing legal battle in the case of “Freeway” Rick Ross and the “rapper” Rick Ross since 2010  when Freeway filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the Miami based rapper claiming that Ross aka William Roberts, is using his name and likeness to advance in his career.

Now, due to the rapper winning the trademark infringement case against Freeway, a judge in the case has ruled that Freeway must pay $500k in attorney fees and court costs on behalf of the rapper.

In a recent interview with AHH, Freeway explains why the judge sided with the rapper, and that they try tried to get him to pay over $1 million in legal fees, but knocked it down to less than half, as he says:

“We believe that every time he goes on the radio he’s re-using my name, but the judge ruled that it’s one continuous use. I believe that those are all re-uses of my name, separate and different from when he started to call himself Rick Ross. They were trying to get me to pay $1.3 million, but she [Judge Miller] knocked it down to $500,000.”

Although Freeway was ruled to pay $500,000, the rapper will have to cover the other $800k of the $1.3 million himself.

As the interview continued, Freeway says the case is not over, and he will keep at it until he gets his name back, as he addresses another case against everyone, such as Warner Bros and Diddy, that had their hands in promoting the rapper’s career:

“It aint over and it aint never gonna be over until things get straight. I aint gonna stop, I am going to keep going until I get my name back and whatever else I got coming.”