Freddie Gibbs and Young Jeezy parting ways late last year has become a major topic of discussion in many of the Indiana rappers recent interviews, and it has caused Gibbs to have a change in tune.

When Freddie Gibbs and Young Jeezy parted ways, it was said to be on positive terms, but with being asked so many questions about severing ties with the Atlanta rapper’s CTE label, Gibbs couldn’t keep it politically correct any longer as he calls out Jeezy for what he believes he is, “a fraud.”

During a recent interview with MTV News, Freddie Gibbs spoke on Young Jeezy and says the Atlanta rapper is not as real as he makes himself out to be, and wants Jeezy to respond to the allegations. He also addresses receiving death threats for letting the fans know the real deal about Jeezy.

Gibbs explains on why he originally wanted to link up with Jeezy:

I believed in what CTE was and what Jeezy was doin’. I messed with it, that was the music I was vibin’ to and I wanted to add to it.

Freddie addresses the fall-out with Jeezy’s CTE:

I started seein’ the fake and the empty promises and all of that stuff and I just didn’t wanna be around that no more.

Gibbs adds:

It’s tough meetin’ your heroes sometimes and kickin’ with them because when they take that cape off, boy o’ boy under that cape, sometimes it’s some scary lil’ boy hidin’ under that cape.

The G.I. emcee speaks on the death threats he received for putting Jeezy in a not so positive light:

[I received] death threats [on Twitter]. Hey man, I know it hurts you to hear your favorite rapper’s a fraud. It ain’t my fault.

Gibbs said he’s forced to speak on Jeezy in every interview he does, while Jeezy makes it seem like signing Gibbs never happened, but he’s about to change that:

I’ma make it that every time he go sit down, he gotta talk about me. He gonna have to say somethin’. You ain’t got no choice

Watch Freddie Gibbs’ interview with MTV below: