As Def Sounds previously reported, it was looking like Freddie Gibbs has severed his ties with Young Jeezy’s CTE imprint as Gibbs took to his Twitter page and revealed that he was a free agent. Now, the Gary, Indiana emcee confirms that he has parted ways with Jeezy’s CTE label.

This morning, Freddie Gibbs called into Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club and confirmed that he is longer signed to Jeezy’s CTE.

Gibbs, although not in too much detail, explains cutting ties with Jeezy:

It was a mutual decision, you know. I mean it was a number of things, at the end of the day, it was a good decision for my self, my family. It wasn’t nothing against him or nothing like that. It was just a move personally that I had to make.

Freddie states that he left on good terms:

It’s all love, I got love for Slick, Scrilla, Dre Dub, everybody that I messed with.

He adds:

But I got a lot going on, so it’s all good. I’m out here promoting this BFK thing, I got a new deal in the works, everything’s smooth.

When asked if there will be any Young Jeezy diss records, Gibbs says:

As long as nobody diss me, there aint no diss records coming. As long as I don’t feel disrespected in no way, it’s all good. I’m not one of those guys that sits back and be bitter. This don’t define me, this is just a move I got to make in my career.

Listen to the audio of Freddie Gibb’s interview with The Breakfast Club, below: