Former Cash Money rapper B.G. is the latest rapper to be facing prison time due to a gun charge as he was indicted by a federal grand jury yesterday on gun and obstruction charges.

The charges come from a November 2009 arrest where B.G. and two other men were pulled over by the New Orleans Police and three hand guns where discovered in the Chevy Tahoe they were riding in.

At the time of the arrest it was reported that two of the three guns were reported stolen, and B.G. was charged with illegal carrying of a firearm.

According to the indictment that was filed yesterday, B.G. conspired with his two co-defendants to get a man named Demounde Pollard to confess that all of the guns found in the vehicle where his, which caused Pollard to be charged with another offense for signing a sworn affidavit stating that B.G. did not have possession of the firearms.

B.G. is facing up to 10 years in a federal prison on gun and obstruction charges.