As Def Sounds previously reported, former Cash Money Hot Boy, B.G. was sentenced to 14 years in federal prison for weapons charges and witness tampering. Recently after finding out his fate, B.G. spoke out on his sentence and says that he is optimistic while looking at the light at the end of the tunnel since he will still be a young man when he is released.

In a statement given to TMZ, B.G. says,

“I am relieved I found out what my fate was because I was facing 30 years and my case kept getting pushed back.”

The New Orleans rapper adds:

“I am just ready to get my sentence started because it’s not RIP BG it’s FREE BG … I feel happy and blessed that I will still be a young man and still be able to see daylight because I am someone, a dad, a brother and a son.”

B.G. also noted that he was release music while he is incarcerated:

“I will have upcoming music that will be released while I am away.”

B.G. will be incarcerated until 2026, and was also ordered to 3 years of supervised release following the end of his prison bid.