Earlier today, former Bad Boy rapper G.Dep was found guilty of a 1993 murder in which he confessed to late last year, after he couldn’t handle it on his conscious any longer.

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Due to the conviction, the former Diddy protege faces 15-years-to-life prison.

G.Dep’s lawyer, Anthony Ricco, gave a statement on the conviction, as he said:

“He has a conscience and a heart, and his conscience and his heart brought him to where he is today,” Ricco said after court. “. He’s probably making the most powerful statement a rapper of his era can make, which is to be accountable and to do the right thing.”

Prosecutor for the state still viewed Dep as a threat even though the crime was committed 18 years ago:

“Eighteen years ago, the defendant made a calculated decision to steal from, shoot, and kill an innocent person on the street,”

Stay tuned to Def Sounds when G.Dep returns to court on May 8th for sentencing.