Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie’s trial for the alleged murder of Terry Boyd has been going on all week, and yesterday an IT specialist was called into to testify about music found on Boosie’s hard drive of his computer.

Lyrics to the Lil Boosie track “187” were played for the jury in the case, as the lyrics play “That (expletive) gray, I want him dead today. Here go the cake,” and IT specialist Constantino Dimitirelos says the lyrics for that song were recorded between 11:24 and 11:54 on the night of October 20, which was one day before the murder Boosie is on trial for.

On the same evening at 12:50 AM, the lyrics to “Bodybag” were recorded says Dimitirelos, and 10 days after the Boyd murder, the song “Somebody in Trouble” was recorded on November 2, 2009.

Dimitirelos also noted that he found two pictures, that were taken after the October 21, 2009 murder of Terry Boyd, on the computer. One of Michael “Marlo Mike” Louding, the man who said Boosie paid him to kill Boyd, getting a tattoo of an AK-47 with “Yo Boosie, Who’s Next” around it, at Boosie’s home at 10:35 p.m. on November 4, 2009. He says he also found a picture of Adrian Pittman getting an AK-47 on his back with the words “Who’s Next” around it, on the same night.

Def Sounds will keep you updated as Lil Boosie’s murder trial unfolds.

You can view the news report from WAFB Baton Rouge below: