As you may have heard, former good friends 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather have been on the outs since Floyd was released from jail earlier this year. 50 Cent spoke on the falling out with Floyd a few times in different interviews, but Floyd has been tight lipped, and really hasn’t said anything negative about 50 until now.

Floyd Mayweather took to his Instagram page late last night/early this morning and lashed out on 50.

Check out Floyd’s IG updates below as he was going in on his former friend.

Floyd tweeted out a few times as well.

50 goes in pretty hard on Mayweather:

Now onto Mayweather and Rick Ross possibly forming a new Money Team, and the cause of Floyd lashing out on 50.

On Halloween, 50 Cent took to Twitter and announced that The Money Team no longer exists, but Floyd Mayweather replied to 50 by saying The Money Team is still going strong, and he’s the boss of TMT.

View 50’s tweets announcing that there is no longer a Money Team:

Floyd replies to 50’s tweets, and announces the new Money Team Twitter page:

Soon after 50 Cent and Mayweather’s first back and forth, Rick Ross replied using The Money Team hashtag #TMT in a couple tweets, which either means Rozay is just taking shots at 50, or maybe Mayweather and Ross are forming a new Money Team, since we all know that 50 and Floyd’s rival Manny Pacquiao have announced that they are starting a boxing promo company.

Rozay replied to Floyd’s barrage of IG posts and tweets aimed at 50 earlier this morning:

Stay tuned to Def Sounds as we will keep you updated with any ongoing fuckery between 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather.