A Federal fugitive warrant has been issued for Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond due to his alleged involvement in a cocaine distribution operation.

The New York Post is reporting that sources say the warrant was issued last week for the Czar Entertainment CEO after he was indicted for alleged involvement in a cocaine distribution operation.

Henchman well known for managing Game, and also feuding with the G-Unit camp when Tony Yayo assaulted his son outside of the Czar offices, he also manages Akon, Sean Kingston and Brandy

A Law enforcement officer states the reason for the fugitive warrant is due to Henchman not being able to be located, so the Feds are assuming he is on the run after the indictment came down on him last week.

Rosemond’s lawyer Jeffrey Lichtman issued a statement on the warrant saying:

“Although a federal prosecutor has told me that there is an arrest warrant out, they have refused to provide me with the warrant or a copy of the charges.”

Lichtman added: the investigation has been going on for a number of years, and he knew it was “inevitable” that charges would be brought upon his client, but that he didn’t know when it might happen, so it was much of a surprise.

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