Fat Joe addresses making amends with 50 Cent last year as they came together on stage to pay tribute to Chris Lighty after his untimely death in August of 2012.

During a recent interview on MTV’s RapFix Live, Fat Joe spoke to Sway about squashing the beef with long-time rival 50 Cent.

Fat Joe explains:

I thought somebody would die. Forget the rap. Forget the WWF. I thought this beef would never end without somebody dying. Whether it’s TS or whether it’s his [crew]. It was gonna end like that.

He adds:

He had a lot of respect for Chris Lighty. I had a lot of respect and we went over there and did the tribute together. And no disrespect to him in the universe, but he put his hand out. So when a man sticks out his hand for me and he says, ‘yo, it’s for Chris, it’s peace.’ It’s peace and I don’t ever anticipate ever having a problem again with him in my life.

Watch Fat Joe’s interview on RapFix Live below: