As Def Sounds previously reported, New York rapper Fat Joe was sentenced to 4 months in prison for failing to file federal income taxes.

At the time of the initial report, it was unknown when the rapper would have to begin serving his time. Now, Fat Joe reveals that he will start serving out his sentence later this month.

This morning, Fat Joe appeared on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club morning show, and revealed when he will start serving out his sentence on tax evasion charges.

During the interview, Fat Joe revealed that he will report to prison on August 26th to begin serving his time.

Also during the interview, Fat Joe spoke on how the prison term came about, and how a new accountant got his bills all messed up, and how he found out about it:

“He [my new accountant] took over my stuff. I had the guy paying all my bills, so I’m wiring him money every month to pay all my bills, my taxes. I’m asking him if everything is alright. He said, “It’s cool,” this and that, right. He’s doing everything. So one day I go get a car and then I went to get my credit report, so the guy was like, “Yo, you sitting down?” I thought he was joking. He was like, “Yo, this shows here that none of your mortgages is paid. None of your cars is paid. None of this.” So this is how I found out. So I called [my new accountant] up and the next day he paid everything off.”

Watch Fat Joe’s interview with The Breakfast Club as he also speaks on DJ Khaled and Rick Ross, losing his label deal because of Cuban Link, making peace with 50 Cent, friendship with Biggie and more, below:
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