After serving 3-months of a 4-month sentence on tax evasion charges, Fat Joe was released from Miami’s Federal Detention Center and surprised his daughter on Thanksgiving.

Earlier today, Fat Joe took to his Instagram page (@FatJoe), and posted a short clip, with the caption “HAPPY THANKSGIVING DADDY’s HOME!!!!! #HTG,” making the announcement that he was once again a free man, while surprising his daughter.

The Bronx rapper turned himself in on August 26th to begin serving his sentence that stemmed from a 2012 guilty plea as he failed to pay taxes on more than $1 million of income in 2007 and in 2008.

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Before turning himself in, Joe explained how his tax troubles came about:

“He [my new accountant] took over my stuff. I had the guy paying all my bills, so I’m wiring him money every month to pay all my bills, my taxes. I’m asking him if everything is alright. He said, “It’s cool,” this and that, right. He’s doing everything. So one day I go get a car and then I went to get my credit report, so the guy was like, “Yo, you sitting down?” I thought he was joking. He was like, “Yo, this shows here that none of your mortgages is paid. None of your cars is paid. None of this.” So this is how I found out. So I called [my new accountant] up and the next day he paid everything off.”

Although he is a free man, Fat Joe still will have to serve 1-year of supervised probation and pay a $15,000 fine.

Watch the video clip of Fat Joe surprising his daughter that he posted to his IG page below: