Fat Joe recently spoke to Hip Hop Wired about his method of choosing the perfect single, using Beyonce as an example.

Joe explained that his noted ability to select a hot song comes from the pressure he receives from labels only giving him one shot at a hit-song.

Fat Joe named Beyonce as an example, stating that the popular pop diva receives many chances to release a hit record due to the difference in the size of the budget she receives, compares to many of hip-hop’s finest.

“It’s something you gotta know. You gotta know how to make hit records. You gotta have an ear for it…There’s some artists that are so big. Nah, I’m not gonna say they names. But let’s just say an artist is huge, right? Alright, how many times we heard Beyonce’s album like this one and we didn’t really, really think it was all that,” Fat Joe explained. “You know what I’m saying? When we first heard it. But they had so much money behind it they kept pounding that joint in the paint, pounding it. ‘This single ain’t go we pounding the next one. We pounding the next one’…So it’s like they got that.”

Joe went on to detail that when it comes to his music career he’s only had one chance each time from the label to release a hot song and/or music video.

“Me, throughout my whole career even in my biggest days I never had that luxury. I had the record label, being that I’m Joe Crack they not gon’ lie to me,” said Fat Joe. “So they’re like ‘Yo Joe, you have one video and one song to pick. If that ain’t the hit then there’s nothing we can do. That’s what the budget is.’ So I always had to pick a hit. That’s pretty much why I know what it sounds like.”

Props: HipHopWired.com