Earlier this year, Lil Wayne’s lyrics on Future’s “Karate Chop Remix” was a cause to much controversy due an the offensive line spit by Wayne about Emmett Till. As a result of the line, Epic Records pulled the song from their catalog, multiple radio stations took the song out of their rotation and the family of Emmett Till spoke out.

The line from Lil Wayne that caused much controversy was “Beat that p*ssy up like Emmett Till.”

At the time of the initial report, Emmett Till’s cousin and founding director of the Mamie Till Mobley Memorial Foundation, Airickca Gordon-Taylor called Lil Wayne’s Emmett Till lyric “dishonorable,” “offensive” and stated that her family “was very offended, very hurt,” and “disturbed by it.”

Since the initial report Till’s family has been pretty quiet in public, but they are still highly upset about the offensive lyrics, even more so that Lil Wayne has stayed silent and not apologized for what he said as they have called for Pepsi to drop Wayne from his endorsement deal with Mountain Dew.

The Till family posted a video to YouTube, earlier this month, but it just recently came to light, and spoke on the impact Lil Wayne’s lyrics have had on the legacy of Emmett Till, while putting their support behind the Pepsi Co to “block/ban” the rapper from his endorsement deal with Mountain Dew.

Till’s cousin Airickca Gordon-Taylor, who was the first to speak out against Wayne, urges people to stop supporting Mountain Dew, as she states:

“We support, blocking and banning the endorsements. I’ve maintained since February, Don’t do the Dew. His biggest endorsement is with Pepsi’s Mountain Dew. Stop buying it. Stop lining his pockets”

Watch the clip below as Till’s family speaks out against Lil Wayne (Head to the 3:20 mark in the clip as they speaks on getting Wayne “blocked/banned” from his endorsement deal.)