Brooklyn rapper Fabolous has revealed that he plans to follow up his 2009 album Loso’s Way with its sequel Loso’s Way 2, this summer.

During a recent interview with RTNY, Fabolous addressed the hold up with, and discussed plans to release his new album, Loso’s Way 2: Rise To Power, this summer.

Fabolous addressed the hold up with the album, which was originally announced in 2010:

Record labels have its processes and stuff so you got to work with that, (laughs). [So] I’m looking towards like a summer release…

As he continued, Fab spoke on dropping the Soul Tape 3, so he could “tighten” up Loso’s Way 2, and build a buzz around it:

I put the mixtape out because I wanted to tighten a couple screws on the album and I put the mixtape out while I did that. I used that to build some energy, [and] I think the energy has been building.

Loso adds that he wants to be 100% comfortable with his music before he releases it:

I think people have been waiting but I feel like even I can’t give them something that I don’t feel is right so I always make sure that I’m completely 100% comfortable with the product I’m putting out before I do. I think this summer will be that time.

Watch Fabolous’ interview with RTNY, where he also spoke on his latest visual for Soul Tape 3’s “Young OG,” fans overseas, shooting the video for “Cuffin’ Season,” and plans to drop Loso’s Way 2 this summer, below: