New York rapper Fabolous has been in the lab working on the follow-up to 2009’s Loso’s Way with the sequel, and has decided to reveal some insight about his forthcoming album.

During a recent interview with Billboard, Fabolous reveals some details about his forthcoming album, Loso’s Way 2.

Fab speaks on putting the album together during the “ratchet rap” era:

That was one of the challenges. [It was hard] to make it competitive to what’s going on and still be able to have them played in that medium. It’s also hard to do so but not compromise yourself to the point where you’re sounding like everybody else and using the same features that everybody’s using just so you can get played. I didn’t want to go down that route. A lot of the collaborations I did were with either friends of mine who I’ve worked with before or guys I hadn’t worked with in the past but if you’ve heard them on a few joints you haven’t heard them with me. I think it’s still fresh when you hear two people collaborate that haven’t done so over and over and over.

The BK rapper speaks on how things changed since he released his debut over 10 years ago:

Coming in, I was just a young kid rapping. I didn’t have as much direction or control over what I was doing. I was pretty much given ways to go, beats, direction and songs and what I should talk about. Now I’m in a different place, this is my career. I’m not just a young kid rapping anymore. I know what I do and I know what needs to be done. Of course, I still take opinions and beats from other people and genuine ideas. But now, I have more control over what I want to do. I know the kind of person I’ve evolved into and what kind of music I want to make

Loso reveals that he is about 85% done with the album:

I’d say it’s 80-85% done. I’d even give some of that 15% to working daily until I’ve got to turn it in. You may come with a record that’s urgent, that has to be on that project, the day before you turn in.

Fab talks features on Loso’s Way 2:

I’ve worked with a lot of guys. I’m not even sure which songs are going to make it or not yet. But I’ve worked with Chris Brown, of course. I got Rick Ross, John Legend, Future, Ne-Yo, Trey Songz, Young Jeezy, Chrisette Michelle. I’m just thinking of names off the top. I’m still working on piecing it together and making it sonically fit. I even got a text today and was speaking to Nas about doing something as well.

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