As previously reported Defsounds, Ray J and Fabolous got into an altercation this weekend in Las Vegas, and earlier today Ray J gave his side of the story, now Fabolous chops it up with DJ Clue on Desert Storm Radio. and gives his side of the story.

Fabolous says there was no fight:

“There was no fight; there was no swings, that whole Tupac rant its all lies, he was on that Whitney last night… I grabbed him buy his little red hoodie, I coulda mopped the floor with him, I didn’t even swing on him”

Fab added:

“Ray J’s interview was very entertaining, it was funny, he said a few gay things, but it was just a big story…The real story is, there’s cool niggas, and there’s lames, I don’t want the lames around me, if you got money you just a lame niggas with money, at the end of the day there’s no way Ray J’s getting off on me”

Fab says there’s no beef to squash:

“If he wants to take in on a different path, which he aint really bout, we can go there, but he’s not gonna take it there”

Check out Fabolous’  interview with DJ Clue below: