Rumors have been floating around Erick Sermon questioning his sexuality for years. He recently sat down for an interview dismissing all rumors.

“No, that was a long time ago. That was like 13 years ago. No. Somebody who put that out there a long time ago was Wendy Williams, that had all of us on there. Puffy, everybody was in that category then, doesn’t matter who it was. But people who know… You can’t go out there and make accusations about something, which is retarded about the press and about people, too. You have to have something else to go on that to say that,” he said. “People know about me, about the women, there’s no hiding that. Niggas known I was dominant with that. Not to be boasting, but are you serious?”

Sermon later went on to explain why Hip Hop will never have openly gay rappers.

“No. It’s the same about when you talk about sports players, too. We don’t know if that’s going to ever happen because that’s a curse to be in sports and to be gay and be in Hip Hop and be gay. You can’t be on a basketball team, a football team and be homo.”