Slaughterhouse appeared on 106 and Park yesterday promoting their new album Welcome To OUR House, and Eminem called in to speak about Slaughterhouse and the hand in played in getting their album complete.

When asked about his involvement in the album, Eminem says:

“Absolutely involved as I could be. I just wanted to…I feel like, these guys, the caliber that they rhyme at…it was one of those things that was fun for me to do. This is the kind of music I love doing.”

Em continued:

“I love this kind of Hip Hop. It’s lyrically dense. These guys are animals. Getting in the studio with them was fun, and I really wanted to be hands on from the beginning of the project to the end of it. In other words, overseeing everything, producing, co-producing, whatever I could do. Mixing, everything. …I wanted to present the best product possible to the public.”