A woman claiming to be Drake’s ex-girlfriend and the inspiration for his song “Marvin’s Room,” is suing him for co-writing royalties on the song.

Erika Lee is credited in the liner notes of “Marvin’s Room” under the name “Syren Lyric Muse.” She initially filed her claim back in July of 2011 and believes that she is entitled to a larger share of the song’s royalties. Roughly six weeks later she was met by a counterclaim from Cash Money/Universal Records. According to her suit she believes her “contribution is highly significant to the overall work.”

“Drake allegedly agreed to work with Lee on ‘Marvin’s Room’ and split the proceeds,” writes Eriq Gardner of The Hollywood Reporter. “Lee says she was asked to record the song’s ‘hook’ as well as the opening monologue that would serve as the thematic framework for a song about Drake’s yearning for an ex-girlfriend and how his fame interfered with his love life.”

Lee also claims that before filing the lawsuit she threatened Drake with it and in return was offered a $50,000 payment along with 4-5% of the songs’ royalties.

Props: HollywoodReporter.com