Rolling Stones was in the studio with Drake and got a chance to listen to an early version of the Young Money rapper’s sophomore album Take Care.

During the listening session, Drake announced 3 titles for songs on the album, “Shot for Me,” which is most likely the album intro, “Free Spirit” that features Rock Ross, and a love song titled “The Real Her” featuring Lil Wayne.

In an excerpt from the Rolling Stones article, here’s what they had to say about Drake’s Take Care.

“He cues up several tracks in various states of completion, all of which sit squarely in the sparse, somber register that’s become his trademark. “Shot for Me,” the likely album opener, is a marvel of melancholy bravado: He sings “Bitch, I’m the man” in a moan that undercuts the brag, over a beat (courtesy of Shebib) that pairs aching synthesizer notes with an exhilarating barrage of high-hats. Other highlights include “Free Spirit,” featuring Rick Ross and the refrain “Tat my name on you so I know it’s real,” and “The Real Her,” a narcotically woozy love song with detuned pianos and a Lil Wayne guest spot. Drake is also looking forward to collaborating with Abel Tesfaye, a.k.a. buzzy R&B gloomster the Weeknd —and, if he gets his wish, veteran beatsmith DJ Premier, Florence and the Machine’s Florence Welch, and the xx’s Jamie Smith. “No matter who’s on it, it goes through the Drake filter,” Shebib says. “He’s so hands-on about how everything sounds.”

In the sit down with the publication, Drake says that he hates singles, as he says:

“I hate single, with this album, I want to tell a whole story. I don’t want people to just hear a piece and judge the album on that.”

For the full Rolling Stones article about Drake’s “Take Care” head over to their site, here.

Drake’s Take Care is slated for an October 24th release.