On Saturday night Drake performed at the Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, Long Island, and he spoke to the crowd he addressed how the club brawl with Chris Brown started.

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Drake explains from his point of view how the brawl kicked off, as he said:

“You were having a good night so far, you done had a couple drinks, you done met a couple thangs, and then the ni*ga in the corner starts looking at you funny and you feel a motherf*cking way about it. And then somebody going to the bathroom bumps you with their elbow and you like, ‘What the f*ck?’”

Watch the footage of the YM sanger speaking on the fight via the NY Post below:


Someone in the comment section mentioned that Drake used this same quote in a show on Tuesday before the brawl even took place. I wasn’t at a Drake show and don’t plan to be anytime soon, so no facts are getting twisted on my end. I received an email blast via VladTV with the title in the email subject “Drake Refers to Chris Brown Brawl During NYC Performance,” and as I do, I report the news. So until I can confirm if that’s the case, and I do believe what the commenter is correct, and that Drake did say that at a previous show, it’s posted, so take what Drake says as you will. Just calm down a little bit there PeterParker, it’s not all that serious.